The NYPD Rookie Cop Who Gave Her Lieutenant A Lap Dance Has Been Identified

We have a positive ID.

Earlier this week we wrote about how married NYPD Lieutenant Nick McGarry had been demoted to Transit duty after receiving a lap dance from one of his rookie cops at the work Christmas party. Well it turns out that demotion may have been worth it now that we’ve gotten a closer look at the rookie cop in question – 26-year-old Vera Mekuli.

According to MailOnline, glamourous Vera gave at least two fellow officers a good time during the 44th precinct’s party last week. She only joined the force last February, having previously worked as an estate agent in the Bronx. She earns $42,500 a year.

On her LinkedIn page, Mekuri describes herself as a ‘highly motivated and determined individual’. I’ll say!

I tend to go after what I want and I don’t stop until I get it. If I am to fail. I pick myself up and try again!

I have tackled every task, every obstacle, that came before me. I like helping others and I always put others before myself.

Well I mean that just sounds like a model employee, doesn’t it? Highly motivated, determined, picks herself up and tries again, and most crucially – goes after what she wants and doesn’t stop until she gets it! You can’t argue with her on that really, can you? These incredible traits are all evident from the office Christmas video.

I’m sure she must’ve been making more than $42k as a real estate agent (especially if she pulled off similar moves to close her deals), so it really does speak volumes about Vera Mekuli’s character that she gave that all up to join the NYPD. Like she says on her LinkedIn – she puts others before herself. That’s why it would be a real shame if she were to be punished or even vilified for letting her down a little bit at the work Christmas party.

Hopefully the NYPD lets Vera get on with things after their investigation is complete and she goes on to have a long and successful career with the police. Failing that, we could always keep an eye out for the inevitable Only Fans. Merry Xmas, everyone!

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