NukeTown Returns To Black Ops 3 — Here’s The First NUK3TOWN Gameplay Trailer


NukeTown was one of the more memorable maps in the first Black Ops game, in fact I remember they eventually dedicated a 24/7 playlist for the quaint, suburban cul-de-sac because people couldn’t get enough of it.

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I didn’t get a chance to play it again in BO2, but it’s making a third comeback in BO3 out later next month, and I think I may just have to make a comeback myself this time:

Looks pretty damn crisp/ Nice bright colours and non-stop carnage. There also appear to be new shortcuts and the ability to run on walls? Sign me up.

You get NUK3TOWN for free if you pre-order on PS4, Xbox One and PC… I guess it’ll eventually drop for everyone else as DLC.

Should give these Internet cafe nerds something new to beat each other up over.


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