There’s Now An Uber-Style App For Ordering Prostitutes

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Users can order a quickie at the touch of a button.

Have you ever really wanted to hire a prostitute but just had no idea at all where to get started? Have you ever wanted to try and be a prostitute but had no idea where to get started? Well, it looks like Rendevu is the app for you.

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Hailed as the ‘Uber for escorts’ and claiming that it will change the face of the adult services industry, Rendevu recently launched in the UK and enables the user to order sex at the touch of a button on their phone.

The app works pretty much how you would expect it to, except that it isn’t really an app – probably some kind of legal tape they can’t get past – and you have to log onto it via your browser. But once you’ve got past that, you just cruise around the people in your area offering sex work and check out their prices, locations and reviews.

Once you’ve decided who and what you want, you can choose for them to travel to you or for you to turn up at their place. You have to put your credit card information and phone number in, but once you’re at your clandestine meeting there is also the option to pay in cash too – they just need your credit card info to ensure that the worker will get paid, no matter what happens, and to confirm your identity.

Following the appointment, both parties are then able to review each other on the app in categories like punctuality and quality so that other users know what they can expect and then you’re both on with your lives, never having to see one another again. Fantastic.


Right, whilst the idea of being able to order sex at the touch of a button on your phone is a little gross and creepy at first, the fact is that this is probably going to make the lives of adult sex workers a lot easier and safer. It’s traditionally kinda grim and grimy with a very real risk of sexual violence or worse, and the fact that all users of the app are forced to be accountable can only be a good thing.

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Ultimately, people are going to pay for sex with or without this app, and chances are that it’s going to be a lot more unsafe without it judging by the horror stories you often hear about prostitutes. So for that reason, I’m all for it – even though I won’t be using it myself, promise. Escorts and escort agencies are already saying it’s a game changer, and that can only be a good thing.

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