Now ASDA Are Releasing An Absolutely Giant One Foot Long Pig In Blanket

Giant Pig

Pigs in blankets wars.

I didn’t think Christmas could get any better than when Aldi announced they were making giant pigs in blankets this year, but then ASDA decided to totally out do them and come out with an even bigger version. Really is pigs in blankets wars this Christmas.

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Holy moly this is huge though. ‘The Extra Special Pig In Blanket’ contains 500g of pork, 100g of streaky bacon and measures one foot long and 45mm deep. Apparently it can feed up to ten people but to be honest I reckon everyone will probably ditch the turkey and just have one of these on their plates instead. I mean look at it.

Giant Pig 2

The best part is that it’s only gonna set you back a fiver which seems perfectly reasonable for that much meat. ASDA is also launching them way earlier than Aldi on October the 22nd which means it’s only about a month away until we’re able to get out hands on one of them. Probably gonna eat one every week until Christmas to be honest and stock up on a bunch of them for the rest of the year in the freezer. Gonna be a real money maker for them I reckon.

For more pigs in blankets, check out Aldi’s offering which now looks pale in comparison. Oof.


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