Forget That CCN News Reporter, It’s All About This Norwegian Dude

Karsten Tveit

CNN have got a lot to learn from Norwegian war correspondent Karstan Tveit. This guy really does not give one fvck.

Karsten Tveit

Remember that CNN news reporter who we posted about yesterday and kinda sucked off a bit for thinking he was such a bad-ass because he was reporting in Gaza right in the thick of it? Well we DID think he was pretty cool yesterday, because a massive bomb went off right next to him and it was all caught on film during his live news report which is pretty cool, but it turns out that dude is just a grade A pussy compared to this absolute badman.

Meet Karsten Tveit, a famous Norwegian war correspondent who’s gained a bit of a rep for himself for being a bit of an ‘I don’t give a fvck’ kind of breh when reporting from dangerous areas and sticky situations. Here’s a prime example of one of those sticky situations when Karsten is filming in in the West Bank during the 1990 Middle East conflict which sees him amongst Palestinian stone throwers and armed Israeli soldiers. Karsten keeps an ultimately cool face and composure while some joker’s blasting off his assault rifle right behind him. CNN you got a lot to learn boyos. Check it:

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