North Koreans Genuinely Believe That Unmarried Women Can’t Get Pregnant


As told from the perspective of this top student.

A top student in North Korea has underlined the extent of insane mind control in the country after going on her first trip outside of the capital at the age of 20.


Having never left Pyongyang before, the woman known as Miss Kim travelled out of the city and talked to a French photographer who was visiting North Korea. Eric Lafforgue was given a rare chance to speak to the student alone, who is top of her English class at university, and he documented her answers.


Miss Kim doesn’t believe that you can use iPads to send emails, play music and watch videos or that people in Europe wear ripped jeans for fashion. According to Miss Kim, style is the last thing North Koreans care about and the state even regiment citizens’ haricuts, although she seems to be styling out that fitted blouse with a cutesy bowtie from my end. She also genuinely thinks Kim Jong-il invented the hamburger in 2009, Mickey Mouse is Chinese and has somehow missed the entire career of world-famous oddball Lady Gaga, having never heard of her.



The extent to which those in power in North Korea hold control over the minds of its citizens was futher highlighted by the fact that despite seeing beggars on the street on their trip, she claimed that everyone in North Korea enjoyed equal wealth and that unmarried women never get pregnant.


While it’s important to remember that what we hear about North Korea in the media is just as controlled as what North Koreans believe, the place does seem to be pretty fucking bizarre. The last we heard from the country was that its leader will launch a nuclear weapon on the day that Donald Trump becomes President. Luckily for her, Miss Kim’s trip outside of Kim Jong-un’s powerhouse Pyongyang has inspired her to visit another country and she aspires to become a foreign languages master.


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