North Korean Teens Are Using A Secret Underground Sex App To Rip The Piss Out Of Kim Jong-un

North Korean youngsters are wising up to the tyranny of their Supreme Leader.

Internet access is heavily locked down in North Korea and mostly reserved for foreigners visiting the country.

Well, some resourceful youngsters have found a way around having their Internet activity monitored and restricted by tyrannical officials by using a secret underground sex app known as ‘Yik Yak’.


The app lets users post anonymous messages from anywhere in the world that can be seen by anyone within a five-mile radius of any specific user.

One youngster who’d logged in from the North Korean capital wrote:

Any Korean girls down to fuck? Someone meet me on the 24th floor of the Pyongyang Hotel.

What will piss Kim off the most though is the fact that users are taking advantage of the anonymity the app offers by using it to rip the piss out of him, especially as it relates to his weight and haircut.

One user wrote:

We can mock Kim Jong-un in his territory without his army even knowing about it.

I wonder if he has ever considered downloading Yik Yak to see what people post in Pyongyang.


That has to be a worry really. What’s stopping Kim from getting one of his guys to download the app and organise an anti-Kim meet-up or something? Hopefully these kids don’t get too brave about it and play it safe, anonymous or not.

Yik Yak has previously faced controversy amid fears it could be used for cyber-bullying, but in the case of Kim Jong-un, I doubt anyone’s feeling too sympathetic.


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