North Korea Furious As South Korean Flag Shown At Olympic Game

Noth Korean Football Team

North Korean fury as London 2012 is being run by a bunch of monkeys who quite blatantly don’t have a fvcking clue.

Noth Korean Football Team

North Korea’s pretty pissed off right now.

This year’s Olympics are an embarrassment to Britain. London 2012 is being run by a bunch of monkeys who quite blatantly don’t have a fvcking clue. The only thing these guys know a thing or two about is making money and sucking corporate cock.

First up there was the cringe worthy London 2012 logo, which cost over £100,000 to design. Next up was the Olympic lanes which are going to cause more stress and bullshit congestion than they’re worth. Then the big boy sponsors banned the use of a bunch of Olympic related words (like Olympics) so local businesses can’t put on any promotions during the games that refer to the games themselves. Then Visa said that no other credit cards can be accepted at the games. Then G4S completely fvck up their contract and lie through their teeth about the security they’re actually providing. The list goes on.

Today was the start of a few Olympic football matches, one being between North Korea and Columbia’s women’s teams at Hampden Park, Glasgow. With the crowd full of North Korean and Columbian fans, each player was shown on the screen with their name, age, some other stats, and of course a picture of their national flag. So what does the retard who’s in charge of the data on the screen do? They only go and display the South Korean flag instead of the North Korean flag. You know, the one from the country North Korea speak of complete hatred for and who are on the brink of war with. Yeah that one. Nice one London. Here’s a picture of the incident and the North Korean coach having a barney.

North Korea Flag Olympics

North Korea Flag Olympics

After the wrong flag was shown the players refused to go on the pitch. Half of the crowd left and a London 2012 representative has released a statement, which went something like this:

“Sorry. We are a bunch of completely useless cunts.”

Vice have made one of their ‘Guide To’ videos regarding this year’s Olympics. Check out the first part here: Vice’s Guide To The Olympics.


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