Nokia Is Making A Comeback With A New Range Of Mobile Phones


The indestructible phone is back.

Nokia-branded mobile phones are once again on sale and being marketed on the company’s website.

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The range is currently limited to some pretty basic models, although this is set to change when Android-powered smartphones and tablets are added to the collection.

The release is due to a deal with a small team in Helsinki, who call themselves HMD Global. They believe they can make Nokia a big name in mobile phones once again. After its complicated and failure-filled history, this company have purchased the license to the Nokia brand and believe they can bring it back in the future.

Chief executive Arto Nummela said:

It’s declining roughly 15% a year, but it’s still a very healthy business and it’s global.

The Nokia brand is a true brand with 150 years of history.

In all corners of the world it’s recognised as the true industrial mobile phone brand.


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To be fair, if they brought back the 3210 I’d be all over that shit. Do you remember the battery life on those things? And they never fucking died on you – they were the ultimate durable phone.

Plus I bet they’d never play any tricks on you like sneakily taking away the headphone jack. Bloody Apple.


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