No Escape From The Face

Jack Blankenship The Face

Jack Blankenship – Master of Distraction – introduces us to ‘THE FACE.’

Jack Blankenship The Face
Meet my new favourite internet celebrity – Jack Blankenship, a.k.a The Face.

Fresh faced Blankenship, a University of Alabama student, has been spotted on several occasions terrorizing the opponents of the UA Basketball team with his incredible facial expression, along with, of course, a blown up copy.

I think this is really great; how someone can concentrate on netting a basket with…THAT staring at you is beyond me. But it’s not just me that’s taken notice. Blankenship has become a fully fledged internet celebrity, featuring on US talk shows Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and the Today Show. No-one is safe from The Face.

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On coining the expression, Blankenship says: ‘When I was 13 my best friend and I created this facial expression where we just kind of look at each other, shrug our shoulders, and go [insert THE FACE]. From there it became a joke between all our friends and then it just got more and more exaggerated until it became an internet sensation.’

Well done to Jack Blankenship on becoming my new favourite internet star. Jack’s next venture is running for University of Alabama Student President. He has my vote!

Please enjoy a collection of the best Blankenship content, and the spoofs.

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