Nigerian Man Divorces Wife Of 25 Years Because She Didn’t Cook His Dinner On Time

Nobody likes a late dinner, but what’s the actual ideal time?

A Nigerian court granted a 57 year old man a divorce after hearing that his wife perpetually cooked him dinner way too late in the evening.

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The court in Lagos heard that Olufade Adekoya’s patience had run out after Olusola, his wife of 25 years, refused to start cooking for him earlier in the day.

My wife has failed in her matrimonial obligations. She does not prepare my food on time and I have warned her several times, but she would not listen to me. There is no point in harbouring a wife that makes me hungry. I am totally fed up.

His wife denied the allegations, accusing her husband of simply wanting another wife. But amazingly, the judge granted the divorce:

The court had tried several times to reconcile their differences, but all efforts proved abortive.

Unfortunately there are no details on what time he wanted dinner and what time she would actually cook it, because I think that information is vital in deciding who’s in the right here. Nobody likes a late dinner, but what’s classified as “late”? Surely anyone who eats dinner after 9 every night is absolutely insane. You need to be eating dinner by 8pm latest. But then again if this fucker was so hungry, couldn’t he sort himself out a sandwich before dinner was ready?

Sounds like these two probably shouldn’t be together in any case, just like the husband who took his wife to court for sleeping with every member of the Wu Tang Clan.


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