Nigerian DJ Obi Has Broken The Record For Longest DJ Set Ever

DJ Obi

Clocking in at over 230 hours.

A Nigerian called DJ Obi has broken the world record the longest DJ set ever by playing a 230 hour set at Sao Café Lagos. For those of you who can’t work it out, that’s almost ten days.

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Of course, DJ Obi wasn’t playing for the entire time and was allowed cumulative two hour rest breaks each day, most of which he took all at once trying to get some sleep. It didn’t really work out for him like that though:

I woke up hallucinating after 4 or 5 days and had lost full control of my body.

I used the loss my father as an inspiration, constantly thinking to myself that my Dad was watching me and would be disappointed if I failed.

Here’s a BBC news report on his efforts:

Wow. He does not look in a good way at the end of that video when he’s announcing that they’ve made it to 8 days of partying does he? I can’t really imagine having the attention threshold to DJ for more than about a couple of hours, so fair play to him for managing to do it for ten days straight because that is commitment. Fair play to all the people who kept coming down and dancing as well because that’s probably almost as difficult to get into as actually DJing, especially when it’s like 11 a.m. or something.

Or maybe it isn’t – we all know morning raves are the best way to wake up before work these days don’t we?


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