Nicolas Cage Agrees To Return Stolen T-Rex Skull To Mongolia

What a headline.

The Mongolian government has announced it’s finally getting its missing T-Rex skull back, and it’s all thanks to Nicolas Cage.

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The 65 million year old skull was auctioned off in Manhattan back in 2007 after it was smuggled into the US and was ultimately purchased by Cage — who outbid Leonardo DiCaprio – for $276,000. Bargain.

Turns out a whole bunch of detectives were working hard to track the skull down, and eventually discovered that Cage was the owner.

Apparently he “gave it up without a fight”, and officials are now looking for the person who actually smuggled the bones into the US in the first place. They’re also looking for 3 more T-Rex skeletons that were smuggled out of Mongolia.


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The craziest thing about this story is that it’s not even surprising. If this were about anyone other than Nicolas Cage you’d think it was pretty bonkers, but nope — Nicolas Cage is exactly the kind of guy to be in possession of a stolen T-Rex skull and then politely hand it back over to Mongolia when it turns out it’s been stolen. Just another day in the life really.

P.S. Who does Leo DiCaprio think he is trying to outbid Nicolas Cage for a T-rex skull? Stick to flying 20 supermodels over to your private beach party orgies mate, leave the dinosaur bone collecting to old Nic Cage.


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