The New Nicolas Cage Cult Horror Movie ‘Mandy’ Is Getting An 8 Bit Video Game


Everyone was pretty surprised this year when Nicolas Cage somehow managed to deliver one final hurrah for his career with the instant cult classic Mandy and the results were so spectacular that someone is now developing an 8 bit video game for it.

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The port comes courtesy of game designer Abel Alves, who says that it’s currently a work in progress but was able to share a picture of the title screen below in all its glory:

I mean to be honest, although the idea behind this is cool, I don’t really know if playing an 8 bit game of Mandy is really going to be that much fun. The whole reason the movie kinda ruled was because of how fantastically trippy and graphic and weird everything was and there’s no way they’re really going to be able to replicate that in the 8 bit format – it’ll just look crap basically.

That might be part of the charm sure, but to be honest I’ll probably give it a miss. Unless you’re really into 8 bit games and Mandy, it’s probably not going to be that great – although I’m sure that’s probably a massive audience in itself.

If you missed out on the Mandy hype train, then click here. Big movie.


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