EA Sports Respond To NHL 13 In-game Glitch

EA Sports have released a video in defence of an in-game glitch that players of NHL13 have found. Was it a glitch or did EA Sports mean for it to do what it does? We’re confused.

Bugs in computer games happen all the time. We featured a few from the new Fifa 13 last week which showed players kissing and what not. We’re counting down the day until GTAV is released and really hope they fix up all the bugs from that because our hopes are mega high for it being one of the sickest games ever.

When excited players started playing NHL13 (they probably weren’t from the UK because who plays ice hockey games in the UK?) they may have experienced what seemed like a glitch where one player was thrown into the crowd after making contact with another player. The first player then re-appeared through the wall of the ice hockey rink like it wasn’t even there and carried on playing the game. Now loads of people thought this was a fvck up on EA Sports’ side as why would a player fly into the crowd and then why would it re-appear through the wall of the rink like nothing had happened? Well it turns out that EA Sports meant for the glitch to happen, I think.

You see I can’t quite work out if EA Sports’ response to the glitch is them just trying to cover themselves or if they did actually mean it. EA Sports released a video onto the web that explained why the glitch happened. They basically said they were trying to be realistic and if a big player slammed into a small player then the small player would go flying so that’s what they’ve re-created. It makes sense, and I guess they couldn’t be bothered to re-create the player dusting himself off in the crowd and jumping back into the rink, so they just make him slide through the wall of the rink back onto the ice. Hm, I’m confused. Did they mean for this ‘glitch’ to happen or did they fvck up and this video is them just trying to cover their sorry asses?

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