NFL Player Wasn’t Wearing A Cup

Ray Gore

The Superbowl yesterday seemed like it was pretty entertaining, but seeing this guy’s junk waggle around in his pants as he runs a touchdown in was probably the funniest part.

Ray Gore

So I had really grand designs of watching the Superbowl last night and going to a Superbowl party at my buddy the muscleman’s house, but then both of us went out on Saturday night and got completely trashed that neither of us really wanted to do anything last night. I tried to watch it on my own with my flatmate Grand Vibes but he was too sleepy too and went to bed straight after it kicked off. I battled through until near the end of the 2nd quarter but when it was like 21-3 I was like forget this, the Ravens have got in the bag, there isn’t even any point in watching so I just hit the sack. Although the Ravens did end up winning, it sounds like I missed an incredible second half, with some people saying that the third quarter was the best quarter ever played in Superbowl history (aside from that power cut of course).  Go figure I missed it. Still, it wouldn’t have been that fun watching it on my own (and it hadn’t been previously) so maybe I didn’t miss out THAT much. It still looked like it was pretty good though so I probably did miss out.

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I had plans to write a bunch about the Superbowl today when I was doing my posts but I really screwed my hands up playing football (not american football, the real kind) when some dude went up for a header with me and boshed me over and I cut up my hands and knees on the gravel (I stupidly play in a hard court) so I found it kinda hard to write a lot today because literally every single hand movement I make gives me almost unprecedented pain, but I thought I would get this out for you anyway because it was definitely THE BEST PART OF THE SUPERBOWL. Forget about Beyonce, forget about Jacoby Jones awesome return and that other catch he did where he flipped on his back then did a cool spin and ran it into the endzone, THIS part was definitely the best.

Not only did this touchdown completely change the game, and really give the 49’ers an actual chance to win it, but it also happened right after the power cut so it was like they got a second lease of life and they almost brought it back against the Ravens but just fell short. It sounded dramatic. However the best part about it was that the guy who ran the touchdown in – some guy called Frank Gore – clearly wasn’t wearing a cup and you could see his junk wobble all over his pants, which probably makes it the best touchdown in all of history. Well it was pretty lolz anyway.

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