Neymar has signed for Real Madrid.

Neymar signs for Real Madrid!!!! Ha ha not really, gotcha! This is just pretty stupid really, but kind of outrageous and kind of funny at the same time. It seems that in order to drum up some publicity for it’s failing franchise, the video game Pro Evolution Soccer have been forced to release promo videos that don’t really have anything to do with the game – well at least not in terms of actual gameplay or in game graphics that people care about – and so have released a teaser video of Neymar signing for Real Madrid. That’s right, this is a computer game version of Neymar signing for Real Madrid.

You get to see Neymar walking into a press conference with some official looking guy from Real Madrid and then he answers some questions or gives a statement or something, I don’t know the subtitles were in German and I can’t understand any German whatsoever. And then you get some shots of Neymar hanging out in a room with a ball in a Real Madrid strip. Pretty cool huh? He’s wearing number 19, which is currently worn by some defender called Varane who I don’t know anything about, so maybe it’s a bold prediction of what is to come in the January transfer window? Or maybe next summer? Who the hell is Varane?

Anyway, aside from the idol transfer speculation and sensationalism of doing such a dumb thing, do Konami actually think that this is going to make people want to buy Pro Evo 2012? Or even bother playing it? I mean sure, it got this blog post on Sick Chirpse out of it, but I’m not going to buy it or probably even play it unless I go round to somebody’s house and they have it and challenge me to a game. But all my friends have FIFA anyway so that just isn’t going to happen. Everyone knows FIFA is better now, stop trying Pro Evo. Let sleeping dogs lie. And stop making dumb videos like this one of Neymar signing for Real Madrid.

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