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Sean Hoare was the first person to allege that recently arrested Andy Coulson knew that phone hacking was taking place behind the scenes at the News Of The World.

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Sean Hoare, a former News Of The World journalist was found dead at his home in Watford this morning. Sean Hoare was the first person to speak out about Andy Coulson knowing that phone hacking was taking place behind the scenes at the News Of The World. Sean Hoare claimed that Andy Coulson personally asked him to hack into phones and was fully aware of what was going on, while Andy Coulson strongly denied the claims.

Police have announced that Sean Hoare’s death is not being treated as ‘suspicious’ and are probing the possibility that Mr Hoare committed suicide.

A spokesman for Hertfordshire police said:

‘At 10.40am today police were called to Langley Road in Watford following the concerns for welfare of a man who lives at an address in the street.

‘Upon police and ambulance arrival the body of a man was found. The man was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after.

‘The death is currently being treated as unexplained but is not thought to be suspicious.

‘Police investigations into this incident are ongoing.’

Today has been a historic day following the ongoing drama that is unfolding due to the News Of The World phone hacking allegations. Sir John Yates – the Met Police Chief – resigned today following criticism of his handling of the News Of The World investigation. David Cameron is also being forced to cut his official trip to South Africa short so he can call an emergency session of parliament to discuss the current phone hacking situation. This all follows Rebekah Brooks’ resignation and arrest following her involvement with the ongoing phone hacking scandal. What’s next?

Well… a bag containing a laptop, phone and documents belonging to Rebekah Brooks’ husband, Charlie Brooks, has also been found abandoned in a private car park near his home.

The car park, under a shopping centre, is yards from the gated apartment block where Brooks lives with her husband, a former racehorse trainer and close friend of the prime minister David Cameron.

It is understood the bag was handed into security at around 3pm and that shortly afterwards, Brooks’s husband, Charlie, arrived and tried to reclaim it. He was unable to prove the bag was his and the security guard refused to release it.

Instead, it is understood that the security guard called the police. In less than half an hour, two marked police cars and an unmarked forensics car are said to have arrived at the scene.

Police are now examining CCTV footage taken in the car park to uncover who dropped the bag. Initial suspicions that there had been a break in at the Brooks’ flat have been dismissed.

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