New Zealand Minister’s Son Presents Carrot Penis To His Mum In The Middle Of Live Interview

Now that’s awkward.

It’s always a good time when someone is giving an important interview on live TV and is interrupted by their kids storming in and raising havoc, and this week it’s the turn of New Zealand’s social development minister Carmel Sepuloni.

Last thing she expected to be doing was wrestling a carrot cock out of her kid’s hands on live television, I’m sure…

Just goes to show, the more adults think they have everything under control, with or without technology, the more their kids will show up to remind them how truly little control they have. At least it was a carrot and not something else, I suppose. Maybe lock the door next time just to be on the safe side?

Ultimately though, I think the NZ social development minister handled this quite well, which is what you wanna see from a social development minister. Maybe she can rock up to her kid’s school waving a carrot cock as payback? Might be a tad bit more traumatic with the roles reversed.

Never forget – three classic moments this happened before:

To watch an HS2 worker kneel on a protester’s neck for lobbing carrots at him, click HERE.


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