Photographs Turn Deadly In The Horrifying New Trailer For ‘Polaroid’


Say cheese.

Ever since ‘The Grudge’ and ‘The Ring’ appeared in the Western world as remakes of their far superior Japanese cousins, studios have been trying to replicate the old ‘haunted artefact will send a killer monster after you use it’ formula themselves, and the latest example of this is ‘Polaroid’.

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The movie tells the story of a haunted polaroid picture camera found by high school loner Bird Fitcher. Nobody really knows what’s going on with it, but it doesn’t take too long to realise that anyone who gets their photo taken by it gets killed pretty shortly afterwards by some horrific monster.

Check out the trailer below:

Looks pretty creepy huh? Particularly interested in how they’re going to explain that whole ‘setting the photograph on fire sets the woman on fire in real life’ angle – how the hell can a monster have that kind of power?

Bet the origin story is completely terrible, but I suppose it wouldn’t be one of these movies unless that was the case. Don’t even have to wait until Halloween to check it out either. Result.

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