The New Trailer To ‘Glass’ Looks Completely Sick


Lots of people are going to die.

Spoilers. The end of Glass was completely sick as not only did we see a surprisingly good movie about a guy with split personality disorder, but we also got a callback to a movie that was released about 20 years ago that literally nobody expected whatsoever.

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The stage was set for a movie tying up the fates of these two (or 31 or whatever characters) and this is exactly what is happening with ‘Glass’, which will be released on January 18th next year. Superhero David Dunn and psychopath Kevin Wendell Crumb will be joined by supervillain Elijah Glass inside a mental institution and according to the new trailer, lots and lots and lots of people are going to die:

Hot damn that looks good. I mean it’s kinda got the whole vibe of the MCU movies but with two infinitely more interesting characters and (probably) a better director at the helm as well. And every movie isn’t gonna be about three hours long as well.

Basically, it’s a winning formula and I’m kinda expecting this to be the sleeper hit of the winter after that trailer. Can’t wait.

For more Glass, I guess you can check out the other trailer to it here. It’s cool too.


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