What more could you want to see on your computer screen than rappers doing things that everybody gets up to in their every day lives.

Yes it’s another post about another tumblr page! Already we’ve bombarded you with Texts from Bennett, Is Anyone Up, Sad Stuff on the Street and Girls That Look Like Skillrex, and now it’s time for another: Rappers Doing Normal Shit.

Rappers Doing Normal Shit is by far one of the best and simplest Tumblrs out there. We all know rappers want their fans to imagine them rollin’ in beefy suped up and decked out cars, they want to look hard and intimidating, they also don’t want to seem vulnerable. I’ve clearly just made an entirely sweeping generalisation of an entire genre of artists, but hey, it’s what we’re all thinking.

Rappers Doing Normal Shit is just an amalgamation of images of rappers going about their daily lives. Everybody has seen the image of 2-Pac holding a puppy and looking down to earth, but how about Snoop-Dogg dressed as The Count from Sesame Street? Or how about the majesty of Kanye West icing cupcakes? Reverend Run chilling and watching TV by the curb? Or even Tyler ‘The Creator’ shopping with a broken leg? It’s all here for your viewing pleasure.

I’m not quite sure what makes it so god damn appealing, maybe its the fact it makes me feel better that these famous artists can also bum it about like an everyday man. Maybe it’s just the fact I get enjoyment out the sight of a rapper hugging Spongebob Squarepants or alternatively enjoying a trip to Disneyland. Maybe I just don’t get out enough.


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