New Study Reveals That Ketchup Is No Longer The Nation’s Favourite Condiment



For so long in the UK, the choice of condiment had pretty much been limited to mayonnaise or ketchup – maybe BBQ sauce sometimes – but a new survey from Exante has determined that neither of them are now the nation’s condiment of choice.

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Exante looked at data surrounding the UK’s 50 most popular condiments to determine which were the most searched for on the internet and how their popularity had changed during the 2020 period in certain locations in the UK. Unbelievably, this study found that Sriracha was now the most popular sauce in the UK, with ketchup knocked into second place and Wasabi surprisingly coming in ahead of mayonnaise.

BBQ sauce didn’t even make the top ten – although I suppose there is an argument that brown sauce is a form of BBQ sauce – and the hipsters really managed to take over with chimmichurri coming in straight into the top 5. That was only available in South America a few years ago. Anyway, check out the full top 10 and the favourites of several cities below:

6.Worcestershire Sauce
7.Piri Piri
8.Brown Sauce
10. Sour Cream

Yeah, I’m still not quite sure about that methodology because surely you have to look at actual sales compared with search results for each of the condiments? I’m fairly certain less people probably Google mayonnaise or ketchup because they know they can find a bunch of varieties at their local store, whereas sriracha and wasabi might be slightly more difficult and easier for them to mail order and might not truly reflect their popularity in the country/region? Just saying.

With that in mind though, Worcester Sauce in Bolton and Chutney in Sheffield are very on point. Don’t know what the hell has got into Liverpool with all that Ranch though? Just discovered Caesar Salads have they?

For more of the same, check out these experts saying that you no longer need to keep ketchup in the fridge. What next for the beloved condiment?



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