A New Study Has Found That Smoking Joints Is An Absolutely Terrible Way To Get High

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Pretty much everyone has smoked weed at some point in their lives and it’s safe to say that when you did then you probably inhaled through a rolled up joint that was mixed with tobacco – that’s just the standard way you do it over here.

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However, even though this is the way that we’ve all done it, it turns out that it’s a grossly inefficient method of consuming cannabis and we should all be dabbing instead. No, not that dumb dance Paul Pogba does when he scores a goal, but a new high tech way of smoking weed that consists of heating up your bud on a titanium nail and then inhaling the vapour through a pipe.

It might sound/look like you’re smoking crack, but according to High Times Swiss researchers discovered that dabbing was 300% more efficient than smoking a joint for getting high. 75% of the THC from the week makes it to your lungs when you dab, whereas only 12% makes it in there if you’re smoking it.


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In reality, when smoking a joint, further losses in recovery must be assumed by additional sidestream smoke. The rather high lung availability of THC via dabbing can explain the increased psychoactive and adverse effects associated with this new trend of cannabis consumption.

Well that settles it – looks like I’ll need to invest in a dabbing kit then. If you’re thinking of doing the same then make sure you’re careful as 27 people have been injured in the UK thanks to explosions that have come about as they attempt to dab. Always read the instructions or something.

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