Don’t Watch The New ‘Slender Man’ Movie Trailer If You Want To Sleep Tonight


Truth is stranger than fiction.

There is no denying that the story of the Slender Man stabbings is absolutely terrifying and horrific – I mean how the hell can a dumb meme inspire someone to kill somebody? – and as such, a documentary about them just had to be filmed didn’t it?

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The stabbings took place in rural Wisconsin and were perpetrated by two 12-year-old girls named Morgan E. Geyser and Anissa E. Weier, who lured a classmate into the woods and stabbed her 19 times with a knife to try and impress Slender Man. The girl somehow survived and Geyser and Weier are now both in juvenile detention centres whilst they await trial.

The HBO documentary was made by Irene Taylor Brodsky, who had this to say about it:

The narrative does not revolve around guilt or innocence, but instead the court’s deliberation whether the girls should be tried as adults or children. Above all, it is the anguish and astonishing honesty of the girls’ parents that anchors the film’s narrative to its tragic core.

I mean geez the first 20 seconds or so of that are probably scarier than the whole new ‘Blair Witch’ movie. Seriously freaked out, AND IT’S ACTUALLY REAL which makes it about ten times more petrifying. Probably gonna have to watch this one with the lights on.

The film premieres on HBO on January 23rd next year, so there’s a while for you to get suitably creeped out by Slender Man if you aren’t already. If you need anymore help with that though, check out these spooky stories about him terrorising a small countryside town. Maybe he is real?


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