There’s A New Part Time Job Where You Get Paid To Visit Whisky Distilleries

whiskey and natural ice

Know anyone who might be interested?

Part time jobs are normally pretty crappy and you just do them to earn a little bit extra money on the side because you’re completely broke, but the one in this article sounds like it might actually be decent because it combines one of my favourite non work activities with earning money, which can’t be a bad thing.

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The job is offered by a company called and they’re looking for someone to visit Scottish whisky distilleries on their weekends in order to review them and determine which is the best. So you’re literally getting paid to travel to a distillery, drink whisky, party, have a sick time and then write a review of it.


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Sounds pretty legit to me. In order to do it though, you’ll need to fulfil the following criteria:

Part-time position
No experience required
Must be prepared to travel
Must be over 18
Must be partial to a drop of whisky

Sounds pretty easy as well right? And the application process couldn’t be easier either – you just have to finish this sentence: ‘I drink therefore I am…’ in under 150 words and email it to Kinda seems rude to not apply really doesn’t it?

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