Nike Is Being Criticised After Releasing New Women’s Shoe That Looks Exactly Like An Iron

The missus is going to love these.

Shoppers have been left steaming after Nike released a new women’s shoe which looks like an iron.

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In fairness, the New Nike Air Max FF 720 does closely resemble the household appliance:

Funnily enough they’ve got athletes like England’s Fran Kirby endorsing the trainer:

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A spokesperson for feminist group ‘Not Buying It’ got real sarcastic about it:

I’m sure they’ll be doing this for men too, of course.

Maybe it could be paired up with some ‘extreme ironing’ – you know, when people, mostly blokes, iron while sky diving.

The response on Twitter wasn’t great either:

Well I don’t think anyone can doubt the resemblance between that shoe and an iron. It’s pretty amazing that whoever’s in charge at Nike looked at that shoe, thought ‘this is fine’, and then signed off on its release. 

That being said, I think the outrage is a bit much as usual. I doubt anyone meant the shoe to look like an iron, it just turned out that way. It’s not like Nike designed the shoe to have a dig at women on purpose… is it? I think they just released a crappy shoe that looks like an iron, and will take them off the shelves before we know it. Unless they sell really well, ironically (pun not intended but intended). 

But why buy the Nike iron shoe when you can buy these £100 avocado trainers instead? Sorted.


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