This New Machine Will Grow Perfect Weed For You And Let You Know When It’s Ready


No effort required.

Ever since weed was legalised in some states in America, it’s opened the door to multiple new ideas involving the drug and the most impressive of these that we’ve seen so far is Seedo.

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Located in Colorado (of course), Seedo is an automatic, human intervention free, growing box machine that you can set up in your house to grow as much weed as you want. The machine will grow and monitor the progress of the plant as it adapts to any climate via the lab conditions inside the box and literally all you have to do is sit back and monitor the plant’s progress on the app that you can download straight to your mobile phone.

The video below gives a bit more of an insight into how it all works:

OK so that advert was really cheesy, but I suppose that’s going to appeal to stoners and it does explain exactly what Seedo is all about. It looks like it gets really good results – it’s pretty much your stereotypical lazy stoner’s dream.

Oh yeah and of course a “young professional” like “Theodore” has a longboard just sitting around in his loft apartment too. Very on point.

The one thing that this advert neglects to mention is just how much the Seedo is gonna set you back and the answer to that question might make you think again about investing because I bet it isn’t going to be cheap. You can’t actually even buy one on the website yet, but it’s probably something that’s worth keeping an eye on because it could change your life for the better.

Might be difficult to get one shipped over to the UK too considering the law over here, but we can but hope. Nothing can ever beat this old couple accidentally growing the world’s biggest weed plant though. Heroes.


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