The New London Tube Map Has Just Been Released And It’s Massive

The new and improved London Underground is here.

I had no idea this was even in the works, but London Underground just got a whole lot bigger with thw unveiling of the new Tube map by TFL earlier today.

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The map reaches into the newly-created Zone 8, and showcases new stations that will be given Oyster access in 2016.


(Click HERE for TFL’s full-sized map)

Gatwick and Hertford East are included in the new map, and can be reached with an Oyster card.

There’s also rail lines and a new Zone 2/3 section, which contains seven stations which could prove cheaper to access depending on your direction of travel.

Stations that have been rezoned include Stratford, West Ham and Canning Town, so if you were travelling from Stratford to Zone 1, it would count as Zone 2, but if you were travelling from Stratford to Zone 4 or beyond, it would count as Zone 3. Confused? Yeah, me too. Don’t worry though, you’ll figure it out.

Unfortunately only boosts probability that you’ll have to encounter one of these plonkers on your travels.


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