The New ‘Leatherface’ Trailer Is Truly Horrifying

Nightmare material.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that we first showed you a trailer for the upcoming ‘Leatherface’ movie which is set to focus on his origins and just how this young boy became such a psychotic killer on ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’.

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This latest trailer gives us a bit more information on the plot of the movie than the first one, giving a real insight into just how he turned into the brutal maniac we all know and love. It turns out that his mother encourages his behaviour, but when they were separated and placed in a mental institute this was all built up inside him – until he escaped and wreaked havoc all over the country on a road trip:

Actually looks pretty good doesn’t it?

I’m fairly confident this is going to be a decent film. Even if it is your standard run of the mill horror movie, I think it’ll have what it takes to stand apart from the rest. It’s not long to wait until its release date either. Stoked.

If you need any more hype for it, check out the other trailer for it which is slightly different to the first one. Definitely worth watching as well.


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