These New DJI Goggles Allow Users To Experience First Person Drone POV

DJI googles

Game changer.

Drones are becoming more and more a part of every day life, and as you might expect, the technology surrounding them is developing at an exponential rate. And it looks like these new DJI Goggles really are going to be considered a game changer in the history of drones.

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The goggles let you see out of an HD camera on the drone and it’s the equivalent of a virtual reality experience wherever the drone itself is. You’re also able to remotely control the drone’s movements using just your own head movement.

If that doesn’t sound amazing to you, then check out the promo video below where a few people got to try them out and I’m pretty sure you’ll be convinced after seeing that:

Looks absolutely spectacular doesn’t it? And it kinda actually makes me want to buy a drone for the first time ever. Unfortunately it looks like they’re only available in limited quantities in America at the moment, and they also set you back a whopping $449 so I’m not really sure if I ever actually will get my hands on them, but it’s a nice one for the Christmas list I suppose. A guy can dream about stuff he doesn’t really need, right?

For more drones, check out the best photographs using them from a couple of years ago. They’re only going to get better with this new technology.


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