New Breaking Bad Movie Teaser Will Get You Hyped For ‘El Camino’ (TRAILER)

One month to go.

As we all know the Breaking Bad movie ‘El Camino’ is coming to Netflix in a few weeks. Vince Gilligan is back directing, writing and producing the whole thing which means it’s guaranteed to be a home run, just like Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul were.

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Earlier today they dropped this new teaser trailer:

Are you as hyped for this as I am? I think you are.

Have to think the idea behind the teaser is to get everyone binge-watching the entire Breaking Bad series again ahead of the movie, which is pretty smart marketing.

The teaser comes after Aaron Paul posted this on Instagram:

And in case you missed it, here’s the initial ‘El Camino’ trailer that Netflix put out a few weeks back:

Did anyone ever binge-watch Breaking Bad and not say it was one of the greatest TV shows of all time? I doubt it.

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