New Blink 182 song WTF?!?!?! It’s been 8 years since Blink 182 last released new music!


New Blink 182 song ‘Up All Night. ‘Everybody loves Blink 182 right? But can you believe it’s been almost 8 years since we last heard a new Blink 182 song? The new Blink 182 song in question back then was ‘Action’ or as it later became known ‘Feeling This.’ I remember I was so desperate to hear that new Blink 182 song that I downloaded some really bad webrip of the upcoming Madden 2003/4 game just to hear it. It was way before you could just google a song with ‘mediafire’ or ‘rapidshare’ at the end of it and find it instantly – I had to use Kazaa or something to get that new Blink 182 song. And it was really fvcking slow to download.

Fast forward 8 years. Blink 182 had released the self titled ‘Blink 182’ album which kind of split Blink 182 fans as it was kinda weird but still kinda good. I thought it was OK – kinda weird but kinda good but not really what I had hoped for from a bunch of new Blink 182 songs. Blink 182 split up for a while afterwards – probably because Tom Delonge was a prick – and so there hasn’t been a new Blink 182 song for about 8 years. I can’t say I was that bothered about hearing new Blink 182 songs though. Sure, Enema of The State is probably still my favourite album but I just wasn’t that interested in 35 year old men making jokes about dicks now that I was out of my teens.

However, I’ve got to admit that the 8 year wait for a new Blink 182 song has got me excited and pumped up about its release. Sure Angels and Airwaves was pretty crap and +44 was like, OK I guess (?) but there’s just something exciting about hearing a new Blink 182 song that I haven’t felt since, well, 2003 when the last time a new Blink 182 song came out. Inevitably the new Blink 182 song will probably be disappointing on first listen – that’s the way it always goes right? – but I’ve got high hopes that it might develop into a grower and something I want to listen to over and over again. Hey if Limp Bizkit can do it with their new songs, why can’t Blink 182 do it with theirs?

Anyway this new Blink 182 song seems to have started where they left off in 2003. Kinda weird, but OK. Maybe it’s a grower. I guess I had too high expectaitons from a new Blink 182 song, after all I’d been waiting for a new Blink 182 song for seven years.


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