Two new superhero movie trailers in one day. Guess it’s our lucky day!

I don’t think I’ve ever posted two movie trailers in one day on Sick Chirpse but I guess there hasn’t been another day like this where Marvel have dropped two new trailers for two massive summer movies that I’m actually excited about in the space of two days. After the Avengers this morning (which I was actually going to post last night before a cat ran onto the pitch at Anfield) we now get treated to a new trailer for the Amazing Spider Man which is coming out in July sometime.

The Amazing Spiderman has no relation to the previous Spiderman movies and is a complete reboot of the franchise. So out goes Tobey Maguire (who’s career will hopefully die, if it’s not dead already) and in comes the super cool and so hot right now Andrew Garfield, and it looks like out goes Mary Jane Watson and in comes Gwen Stacy, at least for the time being. We all know what happens to her though right?

It’s kind of cool that they’re rebooting the Amazing Spiderman Man  – I think they’re basing the movie on Ultimate Spiderman mythology, if anyone out there is as geeky as me – and taking a complete different path with the storylines so it won’t simply be a rehash of a movie that came out around ten years ago. It looks like the Reptile is going to be the bad guy in it as well, rather than the Green Goblin, although I’m sure Norman Osborn will be making an appearance in it.

It’s kind of lame that it’s in 3D as well as I find that most movies I go and see in 3D are just wanna be motion simulators without the motion. Having said that, the 3D Spiderman ride at Islands of Adventure is really cool, so maybe the Amazing Spiderman in 3D can pull it off. Check out the new trailer below:

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