New Adidas Trainers Double As Annual Berlin Transit Passes

Adidas Trainers

The future is now.

I haven’t ever thought about this but I’m sure that some of you out there probably have  – how cool would it be if you no longer had to use a card/ticket to get on the bus/train but instead had some kind of inbuilt chip in your shoes or clothes that allowed you to do that?

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Well, you don’t need to wonder about that anymore if you were one of the lucky 500 people over in Berlin who got their hands on a pair of limited edition Adidas trainers yesterday because they came with a free inbuilt annual transit pass. The trainers cost €180 whereas an annual Berlin railcard costs at least €728 at least, so the launch of the shoes attracted all kinds of people and not just your regular sneakerheads.

Petra Reetz from the BVG explained the idea behind the collaboration:

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The BVG is 90 years old now and we’re trying to rebrand it using the camouflage design, which you can also see on the shoes and other merch we’re releasing.

The motivation behind the collaboration is really to get young people on to public transport.

To begin with, I said, ‘We are a public transport system, not Michael Jordan’

But in a big city like Berlin, the quality of life and quality of the air are important. We wanted to tell young people public transport is cool – you don’t need to buy a car.

We Berliners, we are like Londoners – we know we are cool. And now we are very cool because we have our own sneakers.

I guess you can’t really argue with that, can you because this idea is goddamn cool. Hopefully it gets adopted over here in London, although some people queued for four days in order to get their hands on the shoes and I really can’t be bothered to do that. The sooner it just becomes a regular everyday thing then the better.

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