This New 22p Pill Can Reduce Bloating And Cure Your Hangover


Perfect for the Christmas period.

One of the greatest problems out there for people these days is how to make it through the Christmas period without putting on a tonne of weight or feeling brutally hungover pretty much every single day and it looks like a new 22p pill could be the answer.

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The Bio-Synergy Charcoal Capsule currently retails at a price of £19.99 for 90 and claims to detox the body and reduce bloating. The charcoal apparently traps toxins and chemicals in its pores and then flushes it out of the body, rather than keeping them stored there and bloating you/making you feel terrible.


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If you want to avoid a hangover, it’s recommended that you take the pills before you plan on drinking alcohol as this will lead to some of the alcohol not being absorbed – this might affect just how wasted you end up getting though. If you want to avoid getting all bloated, then just take the pill before you eat a meal. This is supposed to combat gas-producing substances in your stomach and make you feel less sluggish and fatigued too.

There is some scepticism about the effectiveness of charcoal currently, but it’s endorsed by Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian, so it must be doing something right, right? I suppose at that price as well you could do worse than check it out as well. What have you got to lose?

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