Netflix’s ‘You’ Is Even Creepier When You Remove Joe’s Inner Monologue

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The creepiest show ever just got even creepier.

Netflix’s You dropped over the Christmas period and was a massive hit, apparently being streamed over 40 million times with some people describing it as the creepiest show of all time.

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I’m sure you know what it’s all about if you’ve clicked on this article, but just in case you don’t here’s the skinny. It follows the story of bookstore worker Joe (that guy from Gossip Girl) who meets and falls in love with Beck but is so obsessed with her that he’ll do literally anything to date her and basically gets her for a bit before turning into a complete psychopath.

Anyone who’s seen the show will know that Joe’s inner monologue forms a big part of it and makes the show extra creepy. Turns out if you remove it completely from the show though, it’s even more messed up watching Joe smouldering around being weird in silence. Take a look at it below:

Yeah that kinda makes you think how weird it must have been for Beck throughout the whole thing? I mean (SPOILERS) I know she’s dead now, but why the hell did she go out with Joe in the first place if he never even said anything and just talked to himself in his head rather than paying attention to her? Bit of a plot hole there guys, but I doubt that’s gonna stop 40 million of you tuning into the next series again is it?

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