Netflix’s New Show ‘The Keepers’ Is Going To Be The Next ‘Making A Murderer’

The Keepers

It’s the tale of the unsolved murder of a Baltimore nun from over 50 years ago.

Netflix sure likes a good documentary, and ever since Making A Murderer captivated the whole entire world two Christmases ago, everyone has been asking when the next one is going to explode like that did.

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Well, the latest contender is a seven part series entitled The Keepers. It tells the story of the unsolved murder of a nun in Baltimore from over 50 years ago and promises to touch on corruption, child abuse and all manner of conspiracy theories.

Check out the compelling trailer below:

Well yeah, that certainly got me excited, looks like it’s going to be an absolute barnstormer of a show. Will probably watch all seven episodes in one go because I’ll be dying to know how it turns out – although from that trailer it doesn’t look like it’s going to have a happy ending, much like Steven Avery’s case. Hopefully the very fact this show exists though can do something to raise awareness about what’s going on there and go some way to sorting it out, much like  Making A Murderer did. We’ll see.

For more Netflix documentaries, check out this one about police corruption in New York City. Looks powerful.


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