Netflix’s New Documentary About Hostage Situations ‘Captive’ Looks Completely Intense


Is this the next ‘Making A Murderer’?

Making A Murderer absolutely smashed it when it premiered on Netflix towards the end of last year, and for about two months all anybody could talk about was Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey and whether or not they were innocent. It was nothing short of a phenomenon, and may actually succeed in getting both of them released at some point.

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Whilst it’s probably going to be a long long time until Making A Murderer season 2 ends up getting released, Netflix is raising the bar yet again with their new documentary series Captive. From executive producer Doug Liman (he directed the Bourne movies), it tells the story of people who have been involved in real life hostage situations around the world and looks like one of the most intense and exciting/terrifying documentaries I’ve ever seen:

Jesus. Imagine being the CEO of Coca Cola Brazil and getting kidnapped – that is some next level shit. It seems like everyone involved in these stories gets out alive as they’re being interviewed, which might make them a little less suspenseful but I’m sure even hearing about their experiences will be scary as hell.

To be honest I’m surprised nobody has come up with this idea for a TV show yet because it’s clearly going to be totally captivating television (sorry). Can’t wait.

For more hostage situations, check out this 911 call from a family that were being held hostage in their kitchen by a cat. Not exactly the same as this, but it’s the best I got.


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