Netflix’s New Crime Drama ‘Criminal’ Looks Like It’s Set To Change The Genre

A truly unique premise.

The police drama has been done countless times in hundreds of television shows, but Netflix’s new offering Criminal looks like it genuinely might be adding a new idea or two to the genre.

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Starring David Tennent, Hayley Atwell, and Emma Suárez, the 12 part series will feature 12 different crimes set over four countries with three each taking place in Spain, France, Germany and the UK. That doesn’t sound like it’s gonna be that much to shake up the style of TV show completely, but hopefully they’ll be some issues with police procedure in different countries and jurisdiction and the chain of command and other stuff like that.

The trailer makes it look as though it’s gonna be pretty good in any case:

OK so I guess it looks like every single episode is shot inside a police interview room in a different country? Kinda weird format for a show but I suppose it does add more to the claim that it’s set to revolutionise the genre.

Not really sure how it’s going to work but the fact that it’s Netflix and they’ve got Killing Eve showrunner George Kay involved and the impressive cast I already mentioned makes me think that it’s probably gonna be worth at least checking out. Not long to wait for it either because it drops on September 20th. Whoop.

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