Netflix Have Just Released A New Trailer For Stranger Things Season Three

The kids from Hawkins are back.

No sooner has Game Of Thrones ended, then every other TV show is vying for your attention and chance to be your new obsession.

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Stranger Things is already arguably one of the biggest TV shows out there, but the fact is that it’s been almost two years since the last season premiered means that it might not have the impact upon its return that it might have if it had only been a year or something. Therefore the hype train is starting to go into express mode and they’ve decided to drop another teaser trailer that might hint at where this season is heading.

They’re obviously not giving much away with this, but your interest is immediately piqued when you see a bunch of old women hanging out at the pool and drooling over Billy Haworth, who is now working there as a lifeguard. The whole thing kinda reminded me of that classic Diet Coke 11:30 advert and is a real hoot to watch:

See told you. I gotta admit I had no idea who Mrs Wheeler was because it’s been so long since I watched that series, but a quick Google revealed that it was actually Mike’s mum and that also brought back memories of having that weird flirtation with Billy in the final episode of that last season when he surprised her when she was in the bath.

Would be really interesting to see Stranger Things tackle the prospect of those two having an affair and Mike’s parents potentially get divorced against the backdrop of all the spooky goings on because it generally doesn’t seem like the kind of show that would run a plotline like that – it’s a little more goofy and lighthearted – and would really give the actors a chance to flesh out their characters and hopefully create something great. Fingers crossed and not long to wait until July 4th anyway. Woo.

For more Stranger Things, here’s the other trailers they’ve dropped so far. Looks like Steve has a way less cooler job than Billy.


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