Netflix Have Dropped The Trailer For Terrifying New Haunted House Movie ‘His House’

This looks great.

We’re now into October – that pandemic really made the year go quickly huh? – and that means that spooky season is going to begin pretty soon and Netflix are already getting into the act by releasing the trailer for new movie ‘His House’.

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In fairness, the movie looks like your standard horror fare with a bit of a twist as two refugees escape from war torn Sudan and find themselves trapped in a haunted house in rural England. With no way to leave, the pair are forced to stay and try and survive in the house – which may just be worse than the reality that they’ve just managed to escape.

Take a look at the trailer below and see what you think:

Bit of a mysterious ending there right? Is the male refugee really the bad guy in all of this? Did he make some deal with a voodoo God or something to get over to the UK?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see but it’s refreshing to see a haunted house movie where there’s a reason why people don’t just get the hell out of there at the first sign of trouble. Hopefully the depiction of refugees fleeing a war torn country is also truthful and accurate as well. Looking forward to this one when it drops on October 30th.

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