Nekrogoblikon – Terrible Song AWESOME Video

Nekrogoblikon - No One Survives - Goblin Metal

Would you like to see a goblin working in an office and hitting the bong? Be my guest….

Nekrogoblikon - No One Survives - Goblin Metal

As I’ve mentioned in previous shizzle that I’ve plonked up on the mighty Sick Chirpse, I like a bit of metal. I have to admit that this track by Californian goblin-metallers – Nekrogoblikon really isn’t to my taste at all, but the video is so great it needs to be shared around. I’ve never heard of Nekrogoblikon before tbh and so I imagined the video was going to be pretty low budget with some wooden performances, but it actually looks rather snazzy and expensive. It’s more Hollywood than Hollyoaks.

Basically there’s a goblin type guy who works in an office, he hates it, he fancies a girl way out of his league, and she fancies a guy who is a dick etc… classic blockbuster material condensed in to a four minute fandango.

I urge you to stick with this until the end because the crescendo is as brutal as it is cathartic. I’ve never identified with a goblin before, I’ve never seen a goblin smoke weed before and I’ve never seen a goblin use an iPhone before. So that’s three firsts in one video. That means I don’t have to do anything else new for at least a week or so which is a bonus.

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