NBA Player Mocked Coronavirus By Touching Every Mic – Then Tested Positive Days Later

What a moron.

An NBA player who mocked the coronavirus by touching all the mics and recording equipment at a press conference has tested positive for Covid-19 just days later.

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Rudy Gobert, who plays for Utah Jazz, is the first NBA player confirmed to have coronavirus as the NBA announced this week it was suspending the season indefinitely.

I guess coronavirus wasn’t playing games, a bit like the NBA right now? To be fair to the guy, it’s only in the last few days that everyone has finally accepted that coronavirus is no joke, so I guess he was just out there poking fun like the rest of us. Although I guess there’s a difference between poking fun and actually touching other people’s shit during a time when an infectious disease is spreading.

The only question now is how many other people in that room have coronavirus? If I was them I’d be getting tested ASAP. Especially all the reporters who laughed when he put his hands all over that equipment. Corovarious obviously isn’t dicking around.

For Joe Rogan’s coronavirus interview with an infectious disease expert the other night, click HERE. Lots of credible info.

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