Remember ‘Graham’ The Car Crash Guy? Now Meet The Natural Born Smoker

natural born smoker

This guy proves why no one should smoke.

The internet has being going nuts about ‘Graham’ – the sculpture designed to show what humans would look like if we evolved to survive car crashes. If you can’t remember, here’s a little reminder.

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Well, turns out this isn’t a completely new concept, as back in the 80s someone made a similar effort to show us how weak the human body is by creating the ‘Natural Born Smoker’.

Like his buddy ‘Graham’, he has been designed to adapt to resist physical damage, this time from the horrific side affects from huffing them ciggies. This includes a larger nose to filter out impurities, self cleaning lungs, highly developed index and middle finger, extra eyelids to protect the eye from smoke and an inbuilt resistance to the degenerative diseases caused by smoking. All in all, makes for a pretty fucked up looking dude.

If only this could be real – or we could all just stop smoking, because it’s utterly pointless and gross. Fuck waiting around for evolution and just get on vaping weed instead. Much better for you.


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