National Rail Mocked After Turning Website Grey To Honour Prince Philip And Making It Unusable

Great work.

Prince Philip and DMX both sadly passed away on Friday and both of them have had numerous tributes paid to them over the weekend, the dumbest of which has to have come courtesy of National Rail who decided to turn their website grey in an attempt to honour Prince Philip.

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That all sounds well and good, but sadly whoever turned the website grey didn’t think about how this would affect its functionality and it was pretty much unusable for the entire weekend. Of course, this also meant that National Rail were roundly rinsed over the weekend as well and it became even more embarrassing for them when whoever runs their social media accounts also agreed that the website was a lot more difficult to see with this colour scheme.

They also spelled Prince Philip’s name name wrong as well so it was pretty much a universal disaster right there. Oh well.

What a colossal failure all around there hey? Can’t actually believe that someone thought that would be a good idea and then went home for the weekend and didn’t do anything to sort it out. I guess that’s the remit for a website developer these days though. Think this will probably be remembered as the best tribute to Prince Philip because it’s just so stupid. Never ceases to amaze me how massive brands can screw stuff like this up all the time. Seriously.

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