Remember logging into Napster and downloading music that was spelt slightly wrongly? Well Napster is back with Napster Unlimited, and it’s actually really good.


Hey, remember Napster? Way before mediafire links or BitTorrent, Napster was the only way to download music illegally and it kind of ruled, especially back then when the concept was completely new and revolutionary. We all know that Metallica got really angry about the whole Napster issue and forced it to get shut down and because of the Social Network we know that Sean Parker – Napster’s founder – went on to have a hand in creating Facebook. People trying to download music (i.e. the whole world) went on to use a number of crappy file sharing programs like Kazaa and WinMX before most people finally realised that BitTorrent or downloading directly from free file sharing sites was the way forward. But what happened to Napster?

I have to admit that I thought the company went bust or something as I haven’t thought about it (or its cool little logo) for about 8 years but it seems like they’re back. Picking up where Spotify started, Napster is coming back on your mobile phone. Napster Unlimited is the name and the idea is that you can have access to unlimited music from any genre and play it wherever you want, whenever you want. Provided you have your smartphone with you of course. It only costs £10 a month or £100 a year (which isn’t THAT unreasonable) and then you’re flying. . It’s probably worth it just to have that cool logo on your phone.

For a free trail of the new Napster (highly recommended) head over to the official Napster site.


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