Nanny Now Facing Attempted Murder Charges After Video Of Horrific Abuse On A 2 Year Old Toddler Was Uploaded To YouTube

Nanny Beats Up 2 Year Old Toddler

Some pretty offensive footage right here.

A 22 year old nanny is facing attempted murder charges after a video of her beating up a 2 year old who was under her care has emerged onto the internet.

It really doesn’t seem like Jolly Tumuhirwe has a leg to stand on when you see the footage below and it seems inevitable she will be found guilty because she absolute annihilates the two year old in the video. In it, she whacks her on the head when she refuses to eat, throws her on the floor and then stands on her – putting her full weight on the toddler – and then literally kicks her across the room.

The girl is then sick on the floor and the nanny continues to whack her on the backside with an object I can’t really make out. Whatever it is, it’s pretty fucked up and there’s no way anyone should be treating a two year old like that, let alone someone who is supposed to be looking after one.

The worst part is when the girl is trying to protect herself with her arm but the nanny forcibly moves her arm out of the way so she can keep on hitting her. Disgusting. The toddler’s mother had this to say about it:

We took her to the hospital for medical check up and she is okay. We will be returning to the hospital next week.

The nanny has been remanded in custody ahead of a trial on December 8th. Here’s hoping she goes down.


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