This Nanny Was Caught On Camera Torturing A Toddler With A Heated Curling Iron

Nanny Tortures Toddler Curling Iron

What the hell is this babysitter playing at?

It’s always a risk when you leave your child in the care of another human being, but you would like to think that if you hired a professional nanny that she wouldn’t end up torturing your kid with a hot curling iron.

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Unfortunately for some reason the world isn’t quite as black and white as that and one family from Long Island, New York were actually forced to deal with this issue. Dean and Angela Persaud had hired 21 year old Nosipho Nxumalo to look after their 2 year old son Alexander, but on their return home they found him complaining that she had hurt him with her heated curling iron.

After reviewing the nanny camera that they had left rolling during their outing, they discovered that she had indeed used the curling iron to discipline Alexander after he had been misbehaving. Here’s a news report on the incident:

I don’t know why the footage of the nanny actually burning the kid is blanked out of that news report as surely that’s the decisive piece of evidence. But yeah, if it’s caught on film and the kid has red burn marks on his feet and hands, then she can’t really complain about going down for it because that’s something that she definitely should not be doing under any circumstances. And it looks like she definitely did do it.

Nxumalo is claiming that she was frustrated with Alexander because he hit her but denies torturing him and has plead not guilty to the judge. Not really sure how she’s hoping to get away with that considering the berth of evidence against her, but I suppose we’ll see as the trial continues.

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