Nando’s Make Shock Addition To Their New Menu

Nando's Steak

Clue: it doesn’t involve chicken.

Yesterday saw Nando’s launch a new menu and there was one huge surprise on it — they now sell beef.

Famed in the past for its chicken based dishes Portuguese themed fast food chain (I refuse to call it a restaurant because you have to get up and order for yourself) which has more than 1000 sites worldwide, has made an attempt to broaden its appeal, and is now to start selling steak dishes.

The new menu features 3 steak based selections, which will give customers more of a choice, should they fancy something other than chicken.

Though this news may cause excitement for many of you cheeky Nando loving chino wearing shuffling nobbers, I can’t help but feel sceptical over this one. The steak dishes will actually become the most expensive things on the menu at around £10 each, we all know that this is a pretty low price to pay for steak. With this in mind, how good can we really expect this steak to be? Will the price be a reflection of the quality? In addition to this, I also feel as though I have to question the demand for steak at Nandos in the first place. I mean is Nandos really the place you go to when you don’t fancy eating chicken?

Nando's Tattoo

This new menu has only just rolled out, so there’s no telling just yet, on how well the new beefy additions will do. Maybe my scepticism is unjust and the new dishes will in fact be smash hits; who knows? Either way, I’m still personally unlikely to go to a chicken specialist for a steak anytime soon, especially as Nando’s completely sucks balls, as we’ve already established.


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